Dharma Talk: Reaffirming Precepts/Confession

Roshi reviews the Confession Ceremony, including a brief explanation of the poem we use for our monthly Reaffirming the Precepts.

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The Chant referenced is as follows:

(everyone recites)


I bow to all Buddhas in the ten directions.
I bow to all Dharmas in the ten directions.
I bow to all Sanghas in the ten directions.
Please acknowledge me.

With all my heart
I have the following prayers.
Please let me forever have an immense respect,
Greater than mountains or oceans,
For all Buddhas of the ten directions.

Forever let me have a timeless love,
Spreading out from the three high levels of existence
Like rain on all sentient beings,
Creating peaceful lives for them all.

Together without hatred, together without war.
Let those who commit wrongdoings
Believe in reincarnation and karma,
So that they may turn toward right action.

Please let the blind see,
And the deaf will hear,
The poor have clothes and food,
And the sick be cured of all illness.

Please let animals
Be free from ignorance,
So they will be born into human form,
And learn the Buddha’s way.

Please let the roaming ghosts
In the other world
Be free from a destiny of constant hunger
And follow the Buddha’s teaching.

Please let the ones suffering in the hells
Kindle the light
Of compassion in their hearts,
So that their pain will end.

Oh, Buddhas of the ten directions
And Bodhisattvas,
I pray that you will bring the holy Dharmas
To shine in the thousands of worlds.

So that no matter where we happen to be
We always will meet with the wonderful teachings,
And always have a chance to practice:
Being humble, respecting all people, embracing virtue,
Sharing and worshipping goodness, and
Helping others who are in need.

Please let me be calm
No matter what the situation I’m in
Even if somebody hurts me with words
Or by design.

Let me be happy
When somebody is successful
Or when they do good deeds.
Let me be happy for them,
As if the good deeds were mine.


Please let me learn to control my speech
So I can be quiet
And not speak of others’ faults.
Let me learn the way
To use words wisely
To help correct others’ wrongdoings.

Please let me get rid of
Possessive love,
And replace it with compassionate love,
For everybody and everything.

I bow to all Buddhas of the ten directions.
I have been in great pain for so long,
In the never-ending cycle of lives,
In and out, out and in, bitter and tired.

Now I am making this prayer
To end my cycle. I want to stop it.
I want to return to my “Buddha nature.”

The wisdom:
Then, help others,
In order to show gratitude to the Buddhas.
Please let me be strong
In my determination to study the way,
Not a minute of straying,
Not an hour of dreaming.

Let me be in a perfect serene state of mind.
Let me master deep meditation
Which will bring a clear mind.


My true nature will manifest.
My ego will eventually dissipate.
Let me be awakened
Without a trace of pride.

Without a trace of pride.
No matter how advanced
The stage I’m in,
I will always find my weakness.

Let me keep going
Without stopping at any time.
I have to go on to the absolute state
Without boundaries,
Where my mind is one with the
Buddha’s mind.

And in million forms of life,
Of birth and death cycles,
Incessantly, I will always help others.

Oh, Buddhas of the ten directions!
Please come and acknowledge my prayers.
Hear my earnest vow,
Rising, I offer to the Three Treasures.

______ . ______

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