Bodhi Day – Buddha’s Enlightenment Day December

2012: Bodhi Day and Novice Ordination

Buddhist Masters and laypeople came to celebrate the Anniversary of Enlightenment of the Buddha according to the Japanese tradition. As part of the celebration, Anagarika Ananda Muktika (Jorge Infante) was given the Ten Precepts of a Novice Monk and the Vietnamese name of Thich Tâm Vui Mung (“Joyful Heart”). Masters from five temples/centers witnessed the ordination: Roshi Wako Egyoku Nakao from Zen Center of Los Angeles, Thoung Toa Thich Minh Nhat from DZC and the Angulimala Prison Project, Ty Kheo Thich Vien Giac from the Apple Valley Hermitage, Myogen Koan Janka from ZCLA and the Prison Project, Abbess Ayya Gunasari, Ayya Dhammadhira and Ayya Dipa from Mahapajapati Monastery, Ayya Uttama Nyana from Yucca Valley, and Su Co Thích Nu Tâm Hu’o’ng from DZC. Among the visitors who came to support Sa di Thich Tâm Vui M?ng were Faith-Mind Thoreson from ZCLA, Gary Beldon of the Prison Project and members of the Infante family.

Thich Tam Vui Mong's mother and son came to witness his Novice ordination.

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