The following chants are used at our temple for various ceremonies. These are in Adobe pdf format (Note: updated Fall 2010). They are typically chanted in the order given, beginning with the Heart Sutra and ending with the Short Chants, but alternating the middle chants and adding chants over the course of the seasons. Additional chants are being added to reflect our liturgy. Note that a link to Note that a link to the Ceremony of Reaffirming the Precepts (done at the end of every month), those Vietnamese Chants we use and to the Metta of Peace have been added below the recording.

Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra

Identity of Relative and Absolute

Hakuin’s Song of Zazen

Short Chants (Bodhisattva Vows, Well-wishing Prayer and Offering of Merit)

A recording of these chants can be found here.

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Additional Chants used at DZC:
To download the chant in RTF, click here.

Vietnamese Chants

Metta of Peace

Here are the Percussion Symbols used in the Chants:

O Ring large bell

Ø Muffled ring of large bell

X Use handle of bell awakener to strike bell

? Hand bell

µ Fish