Zendo Etiquette

We ask all who join us in the Zendo to follow the following rules of Etiquette to facilitate everyone’s practice of Zazen and reduce distractions:


  • Please do not wear strong perfumes or cologne.
  • Please do not wear bright clothing.
  • Wear loose clothing so you can be comfortable.
  • Please wear clothes that preserve your modesty. No shorts, halter tops.
  • We maintain silence in the Zendo. This starts at the Tori or Gateless Gate that marks the beginning of the path into the Zendo. It is also important to remain quiet when leaving the Zendo, until you are past the Tori.
  • We leave our shoes outside unless it is raining or in the winter.
  • Please do not slam the door to the Zendo.
  • We bow to the Buddha in the Zendo upon entering and to our cushion before sitting. This is to show respect to our Great teacher and to the cushion. It also helps us leave our ego behind at the door.
  • Once seated please try and remain still, with minimal or no fidgeting.