Introducing Sa di Thich Tam Vui Mung

December 15, 2012: Anagarika Ananda Muktika (Jorge Infante) was given the Ten Precepts of a Novice Monk and the Vietnamese name of Thich Tâm Vui Mung (“Joyful Heart”) by Thích Ân Giáo Roshi

Masters from five temples/centers witnessed the ordination: Roshi Wako Egyoku Nakao from Zen Center of Los Angeles, Thuong Toa Thich Minh Nhat from DZC and the Angulimala Prison Project, Ty Kheo Thich Vien Giac from the Apple Valley Hermitage, Myogen Koan Janka from ZCLA and the Prison Project, Abbess Ayya Gunasari, Ayya Dhammadhira and Ayya Dipa from Mahapajapati Monastery, Ayya Uttama Nyana from Yucca Valley, and Su Co Thích Nu Tâm Hu’o’ng from DZC. Among the visitors who came to support Sa di Thich Tâm Vui Mung were Faith-Mind Thoreson from ZCLA, Gary Beldon of the Prison Project and members of the Infante family.

Introducing Sa di Thich Tâm Hy

On August 21, 2011, Thích Ân Giáo Roshi gave sramanera precepts to his longtime student Mudita Muktika (Scott Williams).

With this ordination, Tâm Hy formally commits to the path of the Buddhas and Patriarchs as a Novice Monk, which is know as sa di in Vietnamese.  His Vietnamese Dharma name means “Joy in Work.”  We’re so happy for his decision and his practice.

Introducing Sa di ni Thich Tam Tri

On August 28th, 2010, Denise Morrison, a disciple of Thay Minh Tinh (Kozen Roshi), took the Ten Precepts of a Novice Monk/Nun at Desert Zen Center. Her Vietnamese Buddhist name is Thich Tam Tri. Although she has returned to the Mt. Adams Zen Center in Washington State, she will always be a member of our family!

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