Quan Am Statue Dedication

June 13th, 2010 – A huge day for DZC: Opening the eyes of the Quan Am statue from Viet Nam. Our deepest thanks to all who made this possible and who joined with us to celebrate!

Na Mo Quan Te Am Botat!

This is a teaser of highlights from the event (scroll down for individual images of these photos and others), including the procession of the Masters and clerics, the opening ceremony for Buddha’s Birthday in the Dharma hall, the beautiful altar arrangements and the Statue Dedication ceremony.

Below: Just a few of the folks who pitched in to help us prepare and run the event. Background photo shows Most Venerable Thich An Giao taking a lighter moment with members of the Angulimala Prison Project (from Zen Center of Los Angeles) and Miss Emily in shocking pink… Insert photos include early morning prep showing the draped statue, some of the fabulous cooks, organizers and flower artists who overwhelmed us (for which we are profoundly grateful) by catering and decorating the event, A few of the sangha members who came early and stayed late, including the ever-gracious Chuck Chacon, inviting you to check out the new facilities…

One of two new facilities at DZC... (Chuck Chacon offered to pose here...really, he did)

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