Dharma Talk: Right Speech

October 28, 2012: Su Co’s talk on Right Speech (Pali: samma-vaca), which is the third “step” on the Noble Eight-Fold Path (the first “level” of the section of Ethical Conduct). “Step” and “level” are in quotes because it’s only too easy to look at the list as sequential and/or hierarchical. While that is one way of approaching the practice (we’ve got to start somewhere!), as with many of the Buddha’s teachings, we find many things happening concurrently and we build our understanding/actions up, down, skipping around. However, if you step off the Path, you will certainly find one think/thing leads to another…

Note: The website with targeted behavior modification (Su Co does have some of the nifty violet wristbands to give out, if you want to try it) mentioned in the talk is www.aComplaintFreeWorld.org.

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