12-26 Sunday Service / end of year note

Due to popular demand, we will hold Sunday Service at 10:00 on December 26th

Practicing flexibility, non-attachment and…another reason to have a party.

While we’re at it, let’s all take a breath and enjoy the week of 2010.

Note: 2010 may go down in “DZC History” as The Year We Were Really, REALLY Busy.
In retrospect, all I can say is, “Wow.  Look at everything you all accomplished!”

In honor of those projects and events, we send our heartfelt thanks to all who encouraged, supported and participated. Evidence of the accomplishments will soon be posted: with that end-of-2010 breath and some new technology, your “web servant”* is committed to finally putting up the various photographs recorded during the year.

And, while we can’t put up visuals of our primary focus, we do send smiles to all who have joined us in meditation: virtual or in-person, if you sat alone or with us at a ceremony, class, retreat or if you are a meditator starting/cultivating regular practice:

Birth-and-Death is a grave event;
How transient is life!
Every minute is to be grasped.
Time waits for nobody.
– Inscription on a gong in a Zen temple

May you realize your True Nature in this very moment.

– Palms together,

Thich Tam Hu’o’ng,*your obedient web servant and Dharma cheerleader

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